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Pessoa A/O Junior  15 3/4″ Seat  Regular 4 1/2″ Tree (with X-Change Gullet System)  Regular Flaps  $899   

#MSt-01  Look no further for your perfect “tweener” size saddle….for the little equestrian not quite ready for a 16″ seat.  The seat measures a true 15 3/4″ with regular flaps measuring 12″ from the stirrup bar to the longest part of the flap.  There are front blocks for a little added security in the saddle.  The leather is in great condition with some subtle water marks…typical of a saddle on the secondary market.   Pessoa’s AMS system panels are designed to avoid lumps or bumps by utilizing a special neoprene  layer between the flocking and the horse to absorb impact and distribute pressure evenly.  The interchangeable gullet X-Change system  allows the rider to modify the width of the tree using interchangeable plates and a screwdriver.  The feel is the same, and like all Pessoa trees, the warranty is 100 years.  (This saddle comes with a medium gullet, but narrow- xtra wide can be purchased separately.)  This saddle is in super condition.  Retail is $1800.

Bruno Delgrange PJ Light  16″ Seat Regular 1L Flaps  Regular 4 1/4″- 4 1/2″ Tree   $1599   

#ES-14   Here’s a Great Buy on this well-maintained Bruno! The seat measures a true 16″ with 1L flaps measuring 12 1/4″ from the stirrup bar to the longest point of the flap. The regular tree measures a little over 4 1/4″ (not quite 4 1/2″)….a great size to fit a variety of horses/ponies. There are knee and thigh blocks for extra security in the saddle and to help keep that leg quiet.  There are a moderate amount of water marks and some spider crackling….all very common on a used French leather saddle, but the leather has been well-maintained.  This one  comes with a fleece lined Bruno Delgrange saddle cover. This 2004 saddle is in great condition!   Retail is over $5000.

Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle  16″ Seat Slightly Longer Flaps  Regular Tree  $685   

WH-18   The Bates Caprilli Close Contact saddle offers a supportive seat for the rider to ensure safe, comfortable landings. Broad
tapered panels offer support for the horse’s back, enabling greater freedom of movement. These saddles come with the Easy Change Gullet System…this one measures approximately 4 1/4″ (a great size for a large variety of horses and ponies) …but others are available for purchase separately. The seat measures as a tight 16″ (measuring closer to 15 7/8″) and the slightly longer flaps measure 13 3/4″ at the longest point.  The saddle has front and rear Velcro to accommodate knee and thigh blocks, with knee blocks currently included with the saddle. The CAIR cushion system maximizes your horse’s comfort and freedom of movement with adaptability for an optimal fit, even weight distribution, a fluid cushioning and the ultimate impact absorption.  The saddle is done in brown Bate’s Heritage Leather, which is soft and buttery.  This saddle is in great condition….and at a perfect price  for getting started! Retail is $1595

Devoucoux Biarritz  2008  17″ Seat  Generous Regular  4 3/8″ Tree  Regular 13 1/2″ Flaps   $1950 

#ES-15  This Devoucoux Biarritz seat measures as a tight 17″ (measuring closer to 16 7/8″).  The tree measures at 4 3/8″ and the Regular flaps measure 13 1/2″ from the stirrup bar to the longest part of the flap.  There are both front and rear blocks to help keep that leg quiet in the saddle.  The leather has been nicely maintained and is believed to be an upgrade to Buffalo.  The Biarritz is known for its comfortable seat and this one won’t disappoint you!  It comes with a brand new Devoucoux fleece lined saddle cover.  Retail is $6000+

Wintec CAIR Saddle  17” Seat   Regular Flap  with a Regular & Wide Easy Change Gullet Option  $499
#GC-73   This saddle is a great value at $499 as it is in pristine condition, barely used.  The seat measures a generous 17″, actually measuring at 17 1/4″.  The flaps measure 14 1/2″  from stirrup bar to the longest point of the flap.  Wintec Saddles are manufactured using high-quality, durable and weatherproof synthetic materials for longevity and ease of care.  This one is done in Newmarket.  The Wintec Close Contact is suited for you if you prefer greater freedom of movement in the seat. Ideal for developing a strong, balanced jumping position.
Wintec Saddles feature the CAIR® Cushion System which works with the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution gullet system to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for the horse. These revolutionary systems work together to provide a custom fit to your horse’s wither and a fluid cushioning to hug your horse’s individual conformation for even weight distribution over the entire length of the saddle, eliminating pressure points as the air in the panel moulds around the working muscles of your horse. There are knee blocks for some added security in the saddle.  This one also comes with a saddle cover, a separate WIDE Easy-Change Gullet System, and a bottle of Wintec Saddle Cleaner.   Retail on this saddle with the extra gullet if you bought it new is $775.

 Tad Coffin A5G 2006  18″ Seat Regular Flaps Generous Regular/Wide 4 3/4″   $1899

#CaGi-01  This Tad Coffin is in super condition!  It has both ront and rear blocks for some added security in the saddle.  As is typical with Tads, the seat is a tight 18″, measuring closer to 17 7/8″.  The flaps measure 14 1/2″ from the stirrup bar to the longest point of the flap.  The tree measures at approximately 4 3/4″, considered to be more of a wide tree, or very generous Regular.  (Tad Coffin trees usually measure around 4 3/4″-5 1/4″)  The leather has been cared for and is in great shape and the billets look good.  This saddle is a great value as new Tads retail for $6500. 

All Purpose
None at this time.  Please check back later.

Devoucoux Makila Calfskin Monoflap Dressage Saddle 2006 17” Seat Regular Tree $2699 ~ Price Reduction $2199

#ABM-01 This is a gorgeous saddle in excellent condition, done in full calf leather which is butter soft and grippy. The seat is 17″ and the regular tree measures 4 1/8″. The 2A (regular) flaps measure 15.5″ long by 13″ wide. Devoucoux saddles are known for their comfort! The single flap design of the Makila saddle, with its prominent knee/thigh blocks and stirrup bars positioned further back than usual, guarantees the rider perfect stability in elevated paces and transitions. Its deep seat is particularly suited to experienced dressage riders.
Serial number is: 43 06 17 2A PX415 PX315 PXLUSPZ. This saddle comes with a fleece lined Devoucoux saddle cover. 

Leathers & Irons
Henri De Rivel Leathers   Sz 54”  $25
#GC-71  Here is a great pair of leathers in excellent condition at a great price.   Retail is $50.
Peacock Safety Irons 4 ¼” $14
#AW-33  Here’s a pair of peacock safety irons at a great price.  They just need a set of gum bands, available at any tack shop.
Herm Sprenger Jointed 4 1/2” Irons with Gripper Pads $159
#WH-10  These ever popular jointed irons by Herm Sprenger relieve knee and hip pressure while pushing down on the irons while in the saddle.  These are a favorite in the hunter/jumper community. This pair is also equipped with a pair of Grip pads, a $40 value.  Retail for these Herm Sprenger irons is $240, making the combined set a retail value of $280.
4 3/4” Irons with Gripper Pads $40
#KK-96  This pair of popular irons is already equipped with a pair of Grip pads, a $40 value.  Retail for the set is $80.

Centaur Safety Irons  4 3/4”  $20


MSt-08  Save your money and pick these up for a fraction of the price.  

Korsteel 5” Irons with Pads $29
#GC-72  These irons are in pristine condition….in a hard to find 5″ size.  Retail is $40.

Roma Saddle Cover/Carrier  $24

#WH-19  This quilted nylon saddle carrier is perfect for protecting your saddle during transport.  It’s done in quilted black trimmed in fuschia with an adjustable carry strap.