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Cliff Barnsby Saddle 16” Seat Regular Tree $539

#EB-18 This Barnsby is in great condition and ready to go! The seat measure a true 16″ with a flap that measures 13 1/2″ from the stirrup bar to the longest point on the flap. The regular tree measures 4″. There are both knee and thigh blocks for some added security in the saddle. The billets look good and all of the seams are intact. The leather is in great shape. These are durable saddles made in England that have been popular for years.

Cliff Barnsby Cirrus II 16 1/2″-17” Seat Wide Tree $499

#AnMa-01 Cliff Barnsby saddles are known for their lovely leather. They are also popular for fitting higher withered horses.  This one is in good condition.  The leather on the seat is water marked and mottled, but still in good shape.  All of the seams are good.  Although stamped as a 17″ seat, it actually measures closer to a 16 1/2″.  The wide tree is 5″.  The flap measures 14″ from the stirrup bar to the longest point.  The billets look good.  There are front blocks for a little added security in the saddle.  This saddle is very comfortable and retails around $1800.

Antares Calfskin Saddle 2007  17” Seat  Slightly Shorter 2 Flap   Medium/Wide Tree   $2100

#ABi-01   This lovely 2007 Antares is done entirely in buttery soft calfskin.  The seat measures a true 17″ and is slightly wider for added comfort.  The #2 flaps measure 13″  from stirrup bar to the longest point of the flap.  The cording/stitching is loose at the very bottom of both flaps….not uncommon with wear and something that in no way affects the integrity of the saddle.  Both original Antares billet guards are in place (unusual for a used saddle).  There are both knee and thigh blocks for added security in the saddle.  The medium/wide tree measures 5″ dot to dot under the pommel.  The leather is in great condition with just a few small areas of crackling.  The serial number on this saddle is 2L 17  MG20 AG5  462 07. Pick this one up for a fraction of the $5000+ price tag to buy it new.

Black Country Quantum Calfskin   17½” Seat  Regular Tree  Wither Gusset Option $1999

#JaMo-01 This beautiful saddle is done in a very dark, buttery soft calfskin leather. Black Country saddles are made in England; the Quantum model is a close contact with 100% British wool flocking. This one has front gussets that would be perfect for a higher withered horse (or Thoroughbred).  The tree measures about 4 1/4″.  The workmanship and quality of the leather is lovely. The Spring Tree measures as a generous regular tree and the seat measures at 17 1/2″. There are Velcro panels on the underskirt to attach knee and thigh blocks (can be ordered separately from the manufacturer).  The flaps measure 14″ from the stirrup bar to the longest point of the flap.  This one has seen little to no use and is in pristine condition. Retail is $3370.

All Purpose

Collegiate Convertible Interchangeable Gullet All Purpose Saddle 2006 17” Seat Wide Tree $399

#ABM-02 This Collegiate is in fantastic condition and ready to go to work! The seat measures a true 17″. The flaps measure 15 1/2″ from the stirrup bar to the longest part of the flap. The wide tree measures 4 3/4″. This does have the changeable gullet system (although there are no additional gullets included with the saddle. They are however available for purchase online.) The leather is in beautiful condition. There are some loose staples under the seat where it connects to the underside padding….it doesn’t appear to affect the saddle and it has been priced accordingly.  You can’t go wrong at this price! Retail is $1550.


Devoucoux Makila Calfskin Monoflap Dressage Saddle 2006 17” Seat Regular Tree $2699

#ABM-01 This is a gorgeous saddle in excellent condition, done in full calf leather which is butter soft and grippy. The seat is 17″ and the regular tree measures 4 1/8″. The 2A (regular) flaps measure 15.5″ long by 13″ wide. Devoucoux saddles are known for their comfort! The single flap design of the Makila saddle, with its prominent knee/thigh blocks and stirrup bars positioned further back than usual, guarantees the rider perfect stability in elevated paces and transitions. Its deep seat is particularly suited to experienced dressage riders.
Serial number is: 43 06 17 2A PX415 PX315 PXLUSPZ. This saddle comes with a fleece lined Devoucoux saddle cover. $2699 for calfskin!

Leathers & Irons

Bruno Delgrange 135 (53”) Calfskin Stirrup Leathers $155

#CR-43 Grab these brand new Bruno Delgrange calfskin leathers while you can….for less than 1/2 the retail price!! Retail is $320

Korsteel Irons Sz 4” $29

#BO-16 Here’ s a pretty pair of irons by Korsteel.  They come with a pair of brand new white pads.  Retail is $40.

FootSaver Safety Stirrups 4 ¼” with Mountain Horse Stirrup pads $45

#TL-15 These safety stirrups operate by the use of strong magnetic clasp, which releases the outside of the stirrup under sudden pressure, helping to prevent your foot from getting caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall.  The stirrup quickly springs back into position thanks to the clever stainless steel spring.  This pair is also equipped with Mountain Horse grip pads, an additional $20 value.  The original grips are also included.  Retail for the set is $150.

Coronet Irons Sz 4 3/4”  $20

#SS-08  These Coronet Fillis Style Irons are nicely weighted and should hang well.  They come with a pair of white pads.  Retail is $35.